Setting up your Ecommerce store for the highest conversion takes time and effort. Luckily there a lot of great plugins out there to help you boost sales. For this post I’ll cover the cart and checkout process. Our goal is to lower the abandoned carts and turn all those visitors into paying customers.

Exit Intent

Exit Intent WooCommerce plugins usually works by triggering a JavaScript  pop up. The trigger fires as the user moves the mouse cursor off the website area in the browser.  It’s a last resort to grab the customers attentions.

You will need to make sure have an offer a appearing reason for the customer to continue to the checkout. Think of why they could be leaving and how to fix their problem.

You also need to be careful, many people including myself hate pop ups. Though a good deal will make me convert.

Here are so ideas to improve your cart with exit intent pop ups:

  • Make them easy simple and honest
  • Offer a discount code
  • Upsell another product at a discount
  • Email capture for a discount code
  • Refer a friend for a discount

I advise you to keep it simple. You can provide a discount code right in the popup or you can try to capture their email with the promise of sending them a coupon. Both methods have their ups and downs . It really depends on your target customer and what type of products are you selling.

Some people may fill in the email capture for the sake of saving the coupon for later. That’s okay because now you can add them to your email funnel. Set up a auto email reminder a few days later. Make sure to keep it brief and include the same coupon..

There you go, you’ve drastically increased the chances of converting the customer into a sale.

Cart Countdown

Cart and checkout countdowns can be a great way of improving the cart abandonment rate in your WooCommerce store. Having ca cart count instigates FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)  in a customer.

A lot of people see something that they want to buy but they may want to think more about or think they will just do it later.  Often people simply forget and never convert.

So our goal is to make sure that the customer know that our deal is going fast and we cannot promise it will be there later. We are able to make quick conversions when using a countdown that does just that.

There are popular plugins for Shopify like
Countdown Cart by Beeketing

Riven in the Advanced WooCommerce Facebook Group was looking for a solution  like that. We couldn’t find one for WooCommerce. So I developed (maybe) The first Countdown timer plugin for WooCommerce!


Site wide WooCommerce Countdown

Yes this I’m mentioning my own work here and I truly believe it will help WooCommerce store owners improve their  conversion rate.

In the current version you are able to select 3 ways to display the countdown. Site-wide banner, checkout/cart notice only, or using a Shortcode. Each has its own benefits.

The Site-Wide Banner allows you to set a banner message before anything is added to cart. You can use this to push a current promotion, even include a coupon if you wish.

Once the customer adds a product to their cart then banner massage is replaced with the countdown timer and text you also set.

I recommend that you use the space to let the customer know that their order can only be held for them for a limited time. FOMO now applies, the customer will see the timer counting down.

Your goal is not to stress out the customer but to make sure they won’t walk away and forget to come back.  Give them time to read your shipping terms or check out the rest of the site.

Combine this with with an exit intend and you should be golden. Just make sure keep it clean and simple. If you offer and text comes across spammy then you won’t make sales.

The Shortcode allows you to place the countdown anywhere you’d want. It’s easy for highly customised themes.

Download Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce for free

Coundown type WooCommerce

Customer mindset & Usability

Above all else you need to a functional checkout process otherwise your you won’t improve your stores cart abandonment rate.

Put yourself into the mind of your customers, and ask yourself the following

  • Can my checkout process be completed quickly?
  • Can I cut down the steps from cart to order received?
  • Does the layout make sense?
  • Easy to check postage cost?
  • Should I include brief  FAQ’s below the cart?
  • Are there unnecessary fields?
  • Does my checkout work on mobile?
  • Should I display warranty and refund policies?
  • How can I make it simpler for the customer?

Basically the most important part for optimising the cart conversion rate so it make it as easy for your customers as possible. Don’t make them go searching for supported payments or shipping options,  Make sure they see what they want to see.

Your Conversion Rate

Are you facing bad conversion rates? Let me know below , I’m always interested to hear your experience!

I hope my post has helped you get a better understanding of improving the cart and checkout on WooCommerce. The same applies for Shopify but you may have different limitations.

Get Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce here