| V3.0

(realistically v7.0+) A web developer/designers personal site are ever changing. I never had a clear goal for my own site which resulted in being a ever changing playground. I knew I didn’t want a “portfolio” type site and it was mostly myself looking at it

So I just started posting up snippets while learning about VPS hosting on the Google Cloud Platform. It was just to help me remember a bulk of linux commands, Most of them were private at first thought I started fletching them out to be public. has basically become my own personal notepad.

WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins

I’ve started developing my own WP and WC plugins. As I’ve been learning and working on various of Ecommerce sites, I’ve come across missing features which I wanted to make. The plugins on here has been made for my own or clients sites, but now I’ve made them available for you too!