On February 21 Google announced their new Adsense Auto Ads. Yesterday My new plugin Better Google Adsense got accepted on the WordPress.org repository!

Auto Ads dynamically place themselves on the page where the script is loaded and it’s been working really well for me, But I only wanted to display ads on specific WordPress pages and post categories.

So I got working on the Better Google Adsense Plugin. Let’s go over how eas

y it is to set up.

Get your Google Adsense Auto Ads code

Firstly head over to Google Adsense and sign into your account. If you don’t have then you will need to sign up and be approved before you can begin.

Sign up for Google Adsense

Once you logged look for the My Ads section. Under the section you’ll find the Auto Ads page.

Edit Global Auto Ads

Once we are there we want to edit the our Global settings. Global settings used to determine which kind of ads you want to display on your WordPress site.

global adsense auto ads settings

Read over each type and toggle the type of ads you want to display. I personally find over lay or popup ads really distracting, so I keep those disabled. Keep in mind that you can change these settings any time. Hit save!

Find Adsense code for WordPress

Let’s grab our Auto Ads code from the main screen now that we are back. You could also set up a new URL group. URL groups are optional and used to customise ad types per domain. I’ll cover that in another post.

Copy Auto Ads code for WordPress

Your Auto Ads code will now appear in a popup. Let’s grab it and head over to our WordPress site.

Setting Auto Ads up on WordPress

I’ve already installed my Better Google Adsense Plugin, which makes it super easy to get up and running with Auto Ads.
Better Google Adsense is available for free on WordPress.org

Once you’ve installed it, you’ll notice the Better Adsense menu in the admin sidebar.

Better Google Adsense for Auto Ads set up in WordPress

Firstly we will enable the master switch it make sure our Ads will be shown. Paste your Adsense code into the box, just like in the screenshot.

Display Adsense on specifc pages and post categories

Scroll down, to the Display On section. We can now choose to display ads across our whole WordPress site, or specify the exact pages and post categories that we want our ads to appear on.

Hit save! Remember that Google can take up to 20 minutes before displaying the first ad.

Auto Ads on WordPress example

That’s it! There is an example of the ads displaying above and below my post.
Remember to give Google about 20 minutes before the first ad appears.

Let me know if this post and Better Google Adsense helped you! I’m always open to feedback.