Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce

Improve WooCommerce Conversions and Lower Cart Abandonment

Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce is a premium WordPress Plugin. It creates a countdown timer from the moment a customer adds a product to their WooCommerce cart.

A lot of customers think to themselves that they will just buy your products later, but the reality is that they might forget. Having a cart/checkout countdown creates urgency for your customers and makes them more likely to buy now.

For example, by using Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce you will be able to let your customers know that the product they want can only be held for the next 10 minutes. Throw in a coupon deal and you should start seeing an increase in checkout conversions.


Checkout Countdown Pro Free
Minutes to countdown
Top banner countdown (site-wide)
WC checkout and cart notice countdown only
Shortcode Countdown
Custom text infront and behind countdown
Pre Cart message (before a product is added to cart)
Redirect to cart
Redirect to custom URL
Loop Countdown
Refresh products and totals on Loop
Empty the WooCommerce cart after specific time

Real-time Countdown

Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce is a real countdown timer. Unlike some of the Shopify conversion booster apps, the WooCommerce timer continues even when the customer refreshes the page or when they leave the cart to browse the rest of the site.

Your expiry message displays after the countdown has finished. You have the option of enabling the “redirect” setting. After a set amount of seconds, the customer will be redirected back to the cart. A fresh countdown will then begin.

Great on Performance!

Don’t worry, all those individual user times aren’t using your WordPress Database! The Plugin creates times inside the customer’s browser as “SessionStorage”, so your database remains clean and fast. SessionStorage is supported on all major desktop and mobile browsers.

Customizable to your store!

Simple Admin settings allow you to change how the countdown appears for to your customers. Use your own messages and colors. The cart and checkout notices automatically use the default styling from your WooCommerce theme.

3 Ways to display the countdown

There are 3 different countdown types available for displaying the countdown in your store.

Site-wide creates a top banner across your entire WooCommerce site. This style supports the “Banner Message” feature, which shows a message before any product has been added to the cart.

Checkout/Cart Only displays the countdown on the checkout and cart pages as a WooCommerce notice. The notice adapts to your theme’s CSS.

Shortcode allows the countdown to be displayed wherever the [checkout_countdown] shortcode is on your site. The shortcode works great with all themes, even highly custom themes.

Download Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce

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You can read more about the free version of Checkout Countdown here.