• If you are experiencing error 512, then you should consider looking whitelisting Cloudflares IP addresses. Your server/host could be blocking Cloudflare from getting the latest content form your site, which can cause the Error 512. If you are using any kind of WordPress firewall then you should white list the IP’s there as well. I […]

  • I was just about to do my latest SVN push to to the WordPress repo when I got the “invalid active developer path” error in my Terminal. This is why my Git and SVN wasn’t working after upgrading to mac OS Mojave. I’m not sure why it happened, but don’t worry! It’s an easy fix. […]

  • I was recently uploading an update to one of my WordPress Plugins. It was a big update and I had changed the file structure. I ran into an issue where SVN doesn’t delete the old files on WordPress.org. The files aren’t synced sorta speak. So all my old files still remained even though they were […]

  • The SEO Framework Plugin

    I had always been using The SEO by Yoast plugin on my WordPress sites. But recently I tried The SEO Framework Plugin, and I’m liking it!It’s faster and cleaner. I really enjoy plugins that aren’t pushing their branding too much in the WordPress Admin.Now follow along if you are like me. Let’s export our sites […]

  • WordPress white label accepted wordpress.org

    My 3rd WordPress plugin has been Approved on WordPress.org!  This time around I’ve created a Plugin for White labelling WordPress. I’m developing it with my own use in mind. I wanted to be able to quickly customise the WordPress login logo, admin text, add dashboard widget, just to name a few things. The screenshots here […]

  • I happy to announce my first plugin WooCommerce Checkout Countdown Timer has been accepted on WordPress.org! Download the free version there! Getting the WooCommerce plugin released on the offical WP repo was fairly easy but not without one hiccup. Team turned down my plugin  24 hours after I submitted it, It was just a prefix […]

  • I’ve completely moved my whole WordPress site over to The SEO Framework from Yoast. I’m extremely happy with TSF so far! I always aim to keep my site as clean and fast as possible. The SEO Framework does not include any advertising or junk. The plugin only leaves a few comments in the frontend source […]

  • Easy Digital Downloads sends 4 emails per purchase by default, the Sale Receipts and New User Registration. I wanted to disable the New User Registration emails as they don’t provide any value benefit to me or the customer. Here are few reasons why Keep emails low (I hate unnecessary emails) Everything can be included in […]

  • prioritise mac application renice

    There isn’t a easy menu in macOS to prioritise applications for high performance over others. I couldn’t get the Atmonitor software to work ,so I did some more digging and came across the renice command. I successfully improved the stream quality on OBS by prioritising the program.

  • If you spin up a new WordPress site using the Bitnami installer on Google Compute Engine, then you will see the bitnami banner in the bottom right. The banner links to useful information about your Bitnami install which could be a security issue. I have seen people try to hide it using CSS, DO NOT […]