Easy vertical and horizontal CSS centring

Centering veritally with CSS can be a challenge at times, but not with easy snippet. Make sure the parent class has a relative postion. You can then create the child content to be centered within the parent. This CSS trick centers vertically and horizontally while being 100% responsive. CSS Centering Snippet [cc lang=”css”].parent { position: … Read more

Use WordPress Feature image as Background

This snippet allows you to get the WordPress feature image and use it as a background.
Style it using the css class feature-bg. Remember to put the code around your content in your WordPress Template files.

The code will dynamically take the feature image thumbnail if the current post has one.

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Disable Spotlight on Mac

Spotlight on MacOS can be heavy on the CPU usage. If you want to switch it off you then you will have to run a command in the terminal. Spotlight does provide some very nice functioniality, I don’t use spotlight itself. I use Alfred 3 which uses the same index data. If you disable Spotlight search then Alfred 3 will also stop working.

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Uncheck “Ship to different address” in WooCommerce by Default

Always try to speed up the WooCommerce checkout as much as your can for your customers. A quick tip is to uncheck the “Ship to different address” checkbox by default. Customers do not commonly use this features and it’s a waste of their time having to untick it. So let’s speed up the time checkout process! Simply drop the following code snippet into your Child theme’s functions.php.

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Default .htaccess file for WordPress

WordPress white screen after moving hosting? You might have a corrupted .htaccess file. There are many reasons your WordPress installtion could be showing a white screen. In some cases fresh .htacess file in the main directory can fix your WordPress site. I recommend renaming the old file via FTP or SSH. name it something like … Read more

Change WordPress Default Email and Name

WordPress normally sends emails from wordpress@yourdomain.com. If you want you to change which email alias WordPress should send emails from, then you can put the following into into your functions.php or a plugin.

I’ve also included the function to change the WordPress email sender name. Replace the email and name for your own site.

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How to Restart Bitnami Apache, Mysql and PHP

You may have edited some config files for Apache, PHP-FPM, phpMyAdmin or MySQL, and now it’s time to restart for the changes to take affect. For reference, I’m running Bitnami WordPress on Google Cloud Compute Engine.

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