• First up – Open up Activity Monitor to see your current ram usage. Take a mental note of the numbers to compare to after. Now let’s follow the quick steps to reset RAM and speed up your mac if it’s being slow.

  • For the optimal and secure WordPress permissions. You can run the following commands by SSH’ing into the linux terminal (I’m using Debian 8 on the Google Compute Engine). We may have to change the Owner and Group of the WP folders, depending on how you’ve uploaded your WordPress site. Let’s fix the ownership and group […]

  • Debug WordPress

    Copy and paste the following into your wp-config.php file, above the “happy Blogging” comment. All errors or notices will now be saved into a debug file which you can find at:

  • sudo mv target-file.html new-name.html

  • I’m putting together a list of (limited) free online tools which make my day easier. I’ve personally used all of these, you won’t see anything I do not use. I believe other web developers will find these services as useful as I have! 🙂 Shoot me a message if you know of a website or […]

  • I’ve been on the hunt for the best workflow for some time. I’m always looking to save time and improve my Shortcut game! Copying a specific file or folder path to the clipboard on Mac OS has been a frustration for me. So today I figured out how to speed the process with a custom […]

  • If you are like me and enjoy shortcuts when navigating around then you should the “Go To Folder” shortcut. The shortcut is available when any Finder window is open (or from the desktop). Hit Command+Shift+G You will now see the “Go To Folder” box. Simply paste or enter the diectory path you want to go […]

  • Deleting folders using the -r command will recursively delete all sub folders and files within your selected directory. A confirmation prompt will be displayed for each file. rm -r directory/path/here Use -rf to delete all directories and files in one strike, no confirmation prompt will be displayed. Always double check your directory path or it’s […]

  • First up install the zip and unzip packages if you haven’t already! sudo apt-get install zip sudo apt-get install unzip OR sudo apt-get install zip unzip If you are Red Hat Linux/Fedora/CentOS Linux user then you can use the yum command to install zip and unzip program as follows: # yum install zip # yum install unzip […]