Category: Development

  • Fix Git Push Reject ‘would clobber existing tag’

    This is strange error that has occurred recently when I’ve been trying to Push to my Github repo from VS Code or SourceTree. I don’t have too much time to dive into why the issue happens, but In short you need to bring your Git tags up to date with the remote repository. Fetch the […]

  • If you are experiencing error 512, then you should consider looking whitelisting Cloudflares IP addresses. Your server/host could be blocking Cloudflare from getting the latest content form your site, which can cause the Error 512. If you are using any kind of WordPress firewall then you should white list the IP’s there as well. I […]

  • Migrate Yoast SEO to The SEO Framework Plugin

    I had always been using The SEO by Yoast plugin on my WordPress sites. But recently I tried The SEO Framework Plugin, and I’m liking it!It’s faster and cleaner. I really enjoy plugins that aren’t pushing their branding too much in the WordPress Admin.Now follow along if you are like me. Let’s export our sites […]

  • How to prioritise applications on Mac OS

    There isn’t a easy menu in macOS to prioritise applications for high performance over others. I couldn’t get the Atmonitor software to work ,so I did some more digging and came across the renice command. I successfully improved the stream quality on OBS by prioritising the program.

  • If you are bit more hands on like me, then you’ll most likely benefit from being able to see hidden files and folders, on your Mac. There isn’t a small setting for this so the easiest way is to run a simple command in terminal. Don’t worry, it’s not hard or complicated. First up let’s […]

  • .DS_Store files are really annoying on Mac. If you’ve uploaded a heap of them onto a webserver like me, then worry not! There’s an easy way to remove them all from your VPS server. This should work on most linux machines, Mac OS.

  • I was exicted to use the site importing feature in Local by Flywheel (localhost development software for WordPress. It should be as creating a zip of the site and make sure the .sql file in the root directory, of that zip. Just drag and drop the zip into Local’s window and watch it work! Local […]

  • Centering veritally with CSS can be a challenge at times, but not with easy snippet. Make sure the parent class has a relative postion. You can then create the child content to be centered within the parent. This CSS trick centers vertically and horizontally while being 100% responsive. CSS Centering Snippet [cc lang=”css”].parent { position: […]

  • My Atom installation wasn’t allowing me to beautify PHP in the editor. So if you are having the same issue then don’t worry! It’s simple to install PHP-CS-Fixer on Mac High Sierra. First we will need to run a couple of commands to download and install PHP-CS-Fixer. You can find the lastest info in the […]

  • Disable Spotlight on Mac

    Spotlight on MacOS can be heavy on the CPU usage. If you want to switch it off you then you will have to run a command in the terminal. Spotlight does provide some very nice functioniality, I don’t use spotlight itself. I use Alfred 3 which uses the same index data. If you disable Spotlight […]