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  • Disable Spotlight on Mac

    Spotlight on MacOS can be heavy on the CPU usage. If you want to switch it off you then you will have to run a command in the terminal. Spotlight does provide some very nice functioniality, I don’t use spotlight itself. I use Alfred 3 which uses the same index data. If you disable Spotlight […]

  • Update: This trick still works with MacOS High Sierra and Mojave 10.14+. Apple likes their computers quite so they leave the fans off for as long as possible. This could harmful if you are doing intense work or gaming in a hot location. I use SMC Fan Control to kick up the fans before the […]

  • If you are getting the the same ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR error code in Google Chrome as as I have. Then we can try to fix it by flushin

  • First up – Open up Activity Monitor to see your current ram usage. Take a mental note of the numbers to compare to after. Now let’s follow the quick steps to reset RAM and speed up your mac if it’s being slow.

  • I’m putting together a list of (limited) free online tools which make my day easier. I’ve personally used all of these, you won’t see anything I do not use. I believe other web developers will find these services as useful as I have! 🙂 Shoot me a message if you know of a website or […]

  • I’ve been on the hunt for the best workflow for some time. I’m always looking to save time and improve my Shortcut game! Copying a specific file or folder path to the clipboard on Mac OS has been a frustration for me. So today I figured out how to speed the process with a custom […]

  • If you are like me and enjoy shortcuts when navigating around then you should the “Go To Folder” shortcut. The shortcut is available when any Finder window is open (or from the desktop). Hit Command+Shift+G You will now see the “Go To Folder” box. Simply paste or enter the diectory path you want to go […]