2020 Year in Review

I’m excited to reflect and look back on 2020 in my second ever “year in review” post. Take a look at my 2019 year in review for a summary of how my businesses started as well as our ”digital nomad” traveling. I’m finally sitting down to write this review.  I think I recently got hit … Read more

Year in Review 2019

I have never done a Year in Review post before, so this is exciting! Please excuse me if the formatting is a little off as I’m trying to improve my writing skills by posting regularly as a part of my Year of Content challenge for 2020. Since this is the first review, I’ll start off … Read more

My Year of Content Challenge for SEO growth 2020 – Will it work?

Morgan and Lari together in front of a 2020 sign

I’m writing this is anticipation of 2020. And yes, as the title states I’ll be setting myself a personal and business growth challenge by taking on my self proclaimed ‘year of content‘ to create more valuable SEO content. I’ve spent the last 1.5 years working on building up a few WordPress businesses from nothing with … Read more

My WooCommerce Timer accepted on WordPress.org!

I happy to announce my first plugin WooCommerce Checkout Countdown Timer has been accepted on WordPress.org! Download the free version there! Getting the WooCommerce plugin released on the offical WP repo was fairly easy but not without one hiccup. Team turned down my plugin  24 hours after I submitted it, It was just a prefix … Read more