Error 512? You should Whitelist Cloudflare’s IP Addresses

If you are experiencing error 512, then you should consider looking whitelisting Cloudflares IP addresses. Your server/host could be blocking Cloudflare from getting the latest content form your site, which can cause the Error 512. If you are using any kind of WordPress firewall then you should white list the IP’s there as well. I … Read more

Migrate Yoast SEO to The SEO Framework Plugin

The SEO Framework Plugin

I had always been using The SEO by Yoast plugin on my WordPress sites. But recently I tried The SEO Framework Plugin, and I’m liking it!
It’s faster and cleaner. I really enjoy plugins that aren’t pushing their branding too much in the WordPress Admin.
Now follow along if you are like me. Let’s export our sites SEO data from Yoast, then import into The SEO Framework. Don’t worry, its easy ☺  lays out their reasons for switching plugin.

“We’ve migrated to The SEO Framework. Some highlights include:

  • This plugin is written with massive and busy (multi-)sites in mind.
  • This plugin is 197% to 867% faster compared to other popular SEO plugins.
  • This plugin consumes 177% to 260% fewer server resources than other popular SEO plugins.
  • 100% fewer database interactions (numbers may vary on this one depending on plugin compatibility).
  • 100% fewer advertisements. Let’s keep it that way.”

Always Backup your site and Database before making major changes! You don’t want to lose your SEO rank!

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The SEO Framework Plugin Remove Credit & Comments from Source

I’ve completely moved my whole WordPress site over to The SEO Framework from Yoast. I’m extremely happy with TSF so far! I always aim to keep my site as clean and fast as possible. The SEO Framework does not include any advertising or junk. The plugin only leaves a few comments in the frontend source … Read more

Use WordPress Feature image as Background

This snippet allows you to get the WordPress feature image and use it as a background.
Style it using the css class feature-bg. Remember to put the code around your content in your WordPress Template files.

The code will dynamically take the feature image thumbnail if the current post has one.

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Uncheck “Ship to different address” in WooCommerce by Default

Always try to speed up the WooCommerce checkout as much as your can for your customers. A quick tip is to uncheck the “Ship to different address” checkbox by default. Customers do not commonly use this features and it’s a waste of their time having to untick it. So let’s speed up the time checkout process! Simply drop the following code snippet into your Child theme’s functions.php.

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Default .htaccess file for WordPress

WordPress white screen after moving hosting? You might have a corrupted .htaccess file. There are many reasons your WordPress installtion could be showing a white screen. In some cases fresh .htacess file in the main directory can fix your WordPress site. I recommend renaming the old file via FTP or SSH. name it something like … Read more

Change WordPress Default Email and Name

WordPress normally sends emails from If you want you to change which email alias WordPress should send emails from, then you can put the following into into your functions.php or a plugin.

I’ve also included the function to change the WordPress email sender name. Replace the email and name for your own site.

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