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Save your eyes by activating the Dark Admin Theme for WordPress. I decided to create this Plugin as i’m a big fan of “night” or “dark” modes for apps and websites. The admin theme is easier on the eyes while still looking sleek!

This is my first WordPress Plugin, it’s simple and effective. I hope to add more features, switches and backend toggles in the future.

Keep in mind this is still version 1.0, it will be a little rough around the edges.

I’m pretty stoked to provide AUTO UPDATING! Hope you like it!
and yes, it’s free ?

Features (coming soon)

  • Auto dark mode based on time of the day
  • Support for more third party Plugins UI

[download id=”422″]

Day Night Admin Theme (coming soon)

Automatically change from day and night mode depending on your timezone settings. I’m running beta admin theme on my own site ?

day and night admin theme for WordPress