White Label WordPress login

Rebrand WordPress Professionally

White Label is a WordPress plugin that’s used by Professionals when selling & maintaining WordPress sites. Easily customise the WordPress login logo and background. Customise your clients admin screen with custom widgets or dashboards.

Using your own logo in WordPress gives your client a unified experience, wether you use your companies branding or the client’s. Rebranding WordPress is important for clients who are less tech savy, the WP logo could be confusing to them and it doesn’t provide any value.  Keep it simple.

White Label Rebrand WordPress settings

I’m the developer for White Label, you can only download the free version here. Check out the offical site for more details

Built-in Support in the Administrator area

Cusotm Dashboard WordPress Plugin

The goal for White Label is to become a complete solution for client handover. I believe in making things that are user friendly and will save me time. Therefore I’ve included the support for adding custom WordPress dashboard widgets. You can take complete control over what goes into a widget by using the standard WYSIWYG WordPress editor.

I’d recommend you to set up your frequently asked questions and video tutorials directly in the dashboard.

Download White Label

I made White Label WordPress as a free Plugin on the offical WordPress.org repository. You can download it and start using it on your sites. If you have any suggestions for the plugin please let me know via the support forum. I’d appreciate it so much if you’d leave a 5 star review, they really help out!

For Professional WordPress resellers: I’m in the process of setting up the dedicated site for the White Label WordPress plugin, which you can visit over at whitewp.com. There will be a future PRO version with advanced features and premium support. Read more about them there.