How to disable New User Registration emails EDD

Easy Digital Downloads sends 4 emails per purchase by default, the Sale Receipts and New User Registration. I wanted to disable the New User Registration emails as they don’t provide any value benefit to me or the customer.

Here are few reasons why

  • Keep emails low (I hate unnecessary emails)
  • Everything can be included in the Sales Receipt
  • Allows me to keep using the free Mailjet plan (200 emails per day)
  • Customers not feel like they are getting spammed

After looking at messy ways to disable the email the WordPress Way. I finally found a good solution to disabling the New User Emails in Easy Digital Downloads by using this snippet.
// Remove new user email for admin and user
remove_action( 'edd_insert_user', 'edd_new_user_notification', 10, 2 );

Use the snippet in your child theme functions.php or a custom plugin (I prefer custom plugins).
Hope it helps you! I’ll continue to post small tips and tricks for creating a better experience across WordPress and Easy Digital Downloas.