My WooCommerce Timer accepted on!

WooCommerce Countdown timer free

I happy to announce my first plugin WooCommerce Checkout Countdown Timer has been accepted on! Download the free version there!

Getting the WooCommerce plugin released on the offical WP repo was fairly easy but not without one hiccup. Team turned down my plugin  24 hours after I submitted it, It was just a prefix issue.

I was using cc_ as prefix for functions within the plugin.

“Don’t try to use two letter slugs anymore. We have over 60 THOUSAND plugins on alone, you’re going to run into conflicts.

Similarly, don’t use __ (double underscores), wp_ , or _ (single underscore) as a prefix. Those are reserved for WordPress itself. You can use them inside your classes, but not as stand-alone function.

Remember: Good names are unique and distinct. This will help you and the next person in debugging, as well as prevent conflicts.”

I resolved the issue after an hour of renaming and testing all functions, variables, classes etc.. (to ccfwoo_) Then emailed the team back with the new version of the checkout timer.

Another 24 hours passed and I got the exciting email!

“Congratulations, your plugin hosting request for Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce has been approved.”

This is just the beginning and I am already working hard on the next update. Also a new upcoming Plugin to optimise WordPress Speed and Security.

Let me know if you use the CC Plugin to improve your WooCommerce conversion! I’m always happy to receive feedback.