My Year of Content Challenge for SEO growth 2020 – Will it work?

I’m writing this is anticipation of 2020. And yes, as the title states I’ll be setting myself a personal and business growth challenge by taking on my self proclaimed ‘year of content‘ to create more valuable SEO content.

I’ve spent the last 1.5 years working on building up a few WordPress businesses from nothing with lovely my partner Larisa. Up until this point, most of my time has gone into learning PHP & JavaScript, setting up (linux servers, plugin licensing, documentation, etc ), rebuilding my WordPress plugins multiple times 🔨 and handling customer support.

I feel like all the business aspects and my personal skills are finally coming together to a point where I’m confident that things are running smoothly.

Unfortunately just running a business is not enough, it needs to grow!

That’s where I am right now, It’s time to focus on growing the businesses and their SEO rankings while also keeping them running. I’m no expert in marketing, but I do believe there can be a lot of value in content marketing for businesses, customers, or just readers in the community.

So what is the Year of Content Challenge?

My year of content challenge will be my motivation to create more content. The content I will be creating will be of various mediums, such as blog posts, tutorials, newsletters, videos, e-books and maybe even podcasts? 🤷‍♂️

Running a podcast? I’d love to have a chat! @morganhvidt

How to complete the Year of Content SEO Challenge?

To successfully complete the challenge I’m aiming to produce at least 1 piece of content per week, that’s 52 pieces of content for the year.

The pieces of content will be spread out over my projects and personal site. I’ll have to work out a plan for this soon and update this page.

This content will not include documentation, or landing pages for any of my projects.

My Year of Content topics may include:

  • Diving deeper into the Block Editor for WordPress (Gutenberg).
  • Getting started with affiliate marketing (being an affiliate marketer and creating an affiliate program).
  • WordPress tips and tricks.
  • WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads
  • Running a WordPress plugin business & development.

I’ll be writing monthly newsletters about my progress. If you want to keep in the loop then make sure you join at the bottom of the page 👇

Wrapping up

I’ve never been into writing, but it do believe it’s a valuable skill to have. The Year of content Challenge is as much of a personal challenge as it is for the business.

Hopefully this challenge will also improve my grammar skills. Larisa will definitely be double checking everything, and we’ll get some good laughs while mocking my mistakes 😅

Here’s to hoping that my writing will easier to understand and more engaging by 2021! 🙌

Will you join me?

Want to join the challenge? Let me know! What will your topics be? What kind of mediums will you be using? And most importantly what are your goals for your Year of Content Challenge?

Find me on Twitter if you want to hold each other accountable: @morganhvidt 🐣