Restrict Gutenberg Content with Conditional Blocks

Gutenberg has been growing on me and I’m using it for most sites now. I’ve finally decided to jump into the space, but there are already a lot of third-party block plugins. Instead I’ve been developing a plugin that restricts content from all exisiting blocks using various conditions. Naturally this gives the plugin the name Conditional Blocks.

Create member content with blocks

Restricting content in the Gutenberg Block Editor

It’s now possible to create logged in user content with just blocks! Conditional Blocks allows any block to be conditionally set to display to only logged in or logged out users.

Creating restricted content isn’t just limited to single blocks. You can group together Gutenberg blocks to create whole sections. Each group can have its own set of conditional roles and so can each nested block.

Pretty cool for membership sites who are trying to create restricted content for the members, don’t you think?

How do I restrict blocks?

All you need to do is download the Conditional Blocks Plugin from or

Fire up a new page or post inside the Gutenberg editor and you’ll see the condition options on each block.