I’ve been developing the Checkout Countdown Plugin for WooCommerce since the end of Janurary 2018, we are now at version 1.0.3

We are now approaching May and I’d like to say thank you, to everyone who has downloaded the plugin before this post. A special thanks to those of you who took the time to each out with suggestions and feedback! (Check your emails!) ?

The admin settings and features changes have been happening with almost every update. I’m on a mission to make the countdown timer flexible and user-friendly. Your input is highly appreciated. I’m now at a point where I’m happy with the direction and I can focus on improving it both user and code wise.

New Countdown Shortcode

Shortcode countdown WooCommerce
Since the Beta I’ve added more features, one of the big ones being shortcode support.

The shortcode [cc-countdown] is avaliable in the 1.0.3 version. The shortcode feature was suggested by James who uses the Divi theme.

Using a shortcode makes for the easiest integration with custom theme placement or themes that use a fixed header.

Future features, discuss with me!

  • Custom redirection after countdown has finished
  • Bottom countdown banner
  • Clear cart on countdown finish (In most cases I think this would be annoying for customers, but it has been requested twice)
  • Pop up countdown?
  • An easy way to mix shortcode and the other countdown types (e.g unique placement on products and then as cart notice.)
  • WordPress.org version
  • Usage Docs

Just comment below or send me an email!


P.s If you have used the Checkout Countdown before this post then I’ll send you a 50% off coupon as thank you! ?

I’m also working on a new plugin for WordPress speed and security improvements. There is a lot of unnecessary bloat being loaded by WP. I personally end up manually disabling useless features via hooks, but it’s messy to maintain over multiple sites. My new Plugin makes it easier to select what to remove and what to keep.