White Label WordPress Plugin for Agencies

My 3rd WordPress plugin has been Approved on WordPress.org!  This time around I’ve created a Plugin for White labelling WordPress. I’m developing it with my own use in mind. I wanted to be able to quickly customise the WordPress login logo, admin text, add dashboard widget, just to name a few things.

The screenshots here are just quick examples.

White Label WordPress with your brand and logo

The goal is for White Label to become fully customisable for professional freelancers, businesses and web agencies. They should be able to give their clients a seamless website hand-over experience. Some clients are confused about WordPress and it’s logos, I replace them all with my business logo from now on.

Provide Support in the admin area

Everyone’s tech levels are different so why don’t agencies provide a built in support structure? It will save the agency and the client time!

So, I created the ability to add a live chat, create a custom dashboard widget, or a complete new dashboard page for the admin area in WordPress. These features all tie into my other goal, of finding a better way to offer on-going support to clients.

New White Label features for WordPress

The White Label Plugin was only released today with what I’d called the essential features, It’s no where near done. I want to improve and add a ton of customisation features so there’s a long road ahead. I hope you will join me! Please send me any feedback you have. If you are using it please consider leaving a 5 star review! It helps me a lot!

White Label is made for freelancers, businesses or web agencies that sell WordPress websites to clients. You can find the free White Label version here.