2020 Year in Review

I’m excited to reflect and look back on 2020 in my second ever “year in review” post. Take a look at my 2019 year in review for a summary of how my businesses started as well as our ”digital nomad” traveling. I’m finally sitting down to write this review.  I think I recently got hit … Read more

Year in Review 2019

I have never done a Year in Review post before, so this is exciting! Please excuse me if the formatting is a little off as I’m trying to improve my writing skills by posting regularly as a part of my Year of Content challenge for 2020. Since this is the first review, I’ll start off … Read more

My Year of Content Challenge for SEO growth 2020 – Will it work?

Morgan and Lari together in front of a 2020 sign

I’m writing this is anticipation of 2020. And yes, as the title states I’ll be setting myself a personal and business growth challenge by taking on my self proclaimed ‘year of content‘ to create more valuable SEO content. I’ve spent the last 1.5 years working on building up a few WordPress businesses from nothing with … Read more

Git Submodule Small Cheatsheet

I’m in the process of seeing if using Git Submodules can help simplify my workflow when it comes to building freemium WordPress plugins. This serves as a small cheat sheet to help me remember some important submodule specific commands. Clone a repository with nested submodules Clone a repository and automatically include all submodules using –recursiveYou … Read more

Restrict Gutenberg Content with Conditional Blocks

Gutenberg has been growing on me and I’m using it for most sites now. I’ve finally decided to jump into the space, but there are already a lot of third-party block plugins. Instead I’ve been developing a plugin that restricts content from all exisiting blocks using various conditions. Naturally this gives the plugin the name … Read more

Get Block Data in Gutenberg Editor

I’m diving into the Gutenberg block editor and it’s a big change! I spent ages trying to find out how to access and grab data from each block using JavaScript. Here is a short snippet, I might have time to expand on this later. First up, let’s access the Gutenberg editor data. We can then … Read more

Enable Emmet for Vue Files in Atom

Emmet is super useful for writing code quickly. Unfortunately it’s not support right out of the box when working with Vue files in Atom. Luckily it’s easy to get it up and running!

Error 512? You should Whitelist Cloudflare’s IP Addresses

If you are experiencing error 512, then you should consider looking whitelisting Cloudflares IP addresses. Your server/host could be blocking Cloudflare from getting the latest content form your site, which can cause the Error 512. If you are using any kind of WordPress firewall then you should white list the IP’s there as well. I … Read more

Fix invalid active developer path (macOS Mojave)

I was just about to do my latest SVN push to to the WordPress repo when I got the “invalid active developer path” error in my Terminal. This is why my Git and SVN wasn’t working after upgrading to mac OS Mojave. I’m not sure why it happened, but don’t worry! It’s an easy fix. … Read more